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Our services

Fault Finding, Coding and Programming

With years of experience focusing on diagnosing complex vehicle faults for our customers and many local garages we specialise in fault finding and repair.
When a replacement component or control module is required on a modern vehicle, installation isn't as simple as disconnecting the faulty component and installing a new one. Correct replacement of an electronic control module or part requires you to reprogram or reflash the module, this even includes batteries!

ECU Remapping 

We have the best genuine remapping tools available and with years of experience we can carry out performance tuning and solutions to problems including but not limited to:
 Ad-blue, EGR, DPF, Speed limiter, DTC removal, ECU Cloning.




Even though disabling the AdBlue™ system via software provides a permanent solution and would not affect the vehicle’s annual MOT, our provision of this service is upon the understanding that you will use this as a temporary measure to allow for you to source parts to allow travel for repair. The driver is responsible for ensuring compliance with relevant laws when operating the vehicle on UK roads. We cannot assume any liability in the event of non-compliance with applicable laws. 

Servicing to Manufacturers Schedules

We only use parts and fluids which meet or exceed original equipment and we always ensure we work to the car manufacturers schedules.

MOT Testing & Repair

MOT's carried out and any required repairs mechanical or electrical.

Air conditioning Servicing & Repair

We are fully equipped and certified to service and repair your cars air conditioning system including the very latest r134yf refrigerant.